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How to Choose an Electrical Auto Mechanic

Electrical auto mechanics are experts at spotting electrical problems in your vehicle. Minor issues like dimming headlights and major issues like a complete loss of power might stump you and leave you frustrated. However, they are no match for an experienced electrical auto mechanic in Albuquerque.

A vehicle’s electrical system consists of the alternator, battery, and starter. Each has a specific function. Batteries trigger starters to wake your car up. Once the battery and starter do their jobs, the alternator takes over, feeding the battery the energy it needs to keep your vehicle running.

All it takes is for one of these crucial electrical components to malfunction to keep your car from starting or running properly.

These aren’t the only parts of your vehicle that require electricity to work. Cooling fans, fuel pump switches, and the entire lighting system depend on electrical components to do their jobs.

When any of these critical systems fail, it’s time to seek out an electrical auto mechanic who can get you back on the road quickly.

What is an electrical auto mechanic?

An electrical auto mechanic specializes in diagnosing and repairing electrical systems in domestic and foreign vehicles. They install, inspect, maintain, and repair all electrical components of vehicles.

Programming and reprogramming electronic control modules are part of their jobs. The charging systems, engine control unit—even the electronic components of the transmission—need the knowledge of a skilled auto mechanic to run smoothly.

Electrical auto mechanics need comprehensive knowledge of your car’s electrical system. Complex problem-solving skills also are a must because sometimes electrical problems present in subtle ways or require out-of-the-box thinking to solve.

an electrical auto mechanic is testing a dead battery in a car
A dead battery or one that won’t hold a charge for long is a tell-tale sign of an electrical system issue in your vehicle that requires the help of an electrical auto mechanic.

When do you need an electrical auto mechanic?

Sometimes electrical problems are obvious. Maybe your car won’t start, or even if it does, it doesn’t seem to have much get-up-and-go while running. Have you noticed your headlights or interior lights seem dimmer than usual? Maybe your stereo glitches in the middle of your favorite tune, shutting itself off.

These can be indications that it’s time to seek the help of an experienced electrical auto mechanic in Albuquerque. Here are some other signs it’s time to schedule an appointment.

  • Your battery is dead. A dead battery is one of the most common electrical issues in vehicles. It can happen if the battery is old and no longer holds a charge. Perhaps you left the headlights or other electrical components like interior lighting on all night. That can lead to a dead battery also. Sometimes it occurs when there’s a problem with your vehicle’s charging system (like a faulty alternator).
  • Your alternator malfunctions. Alternators charge your car’s battery and provide power to the entire electrical system while the vehicle is running. When an alternator stops working properly, the battery can’t hold a charge. You may find your car stalling if it starts at all. If your headlights keep dimming, your battery struggles to stay charged, or warning lights start appearing on your dashboard, your alternator likely needs replacing.  
  • Your starter motor acts up. The starter motor is responsible for turning over the engine when you use your key in the ignition to start your vehicle. A clicking sound is a tell-tale sign that your starter is bad.
  • Your warning lights are on. If you start your car one morning and find all the warning lights coming on and staying on, it’s time to get to a mechanic. This can be a sign your electronic control unit (ECU) has failed. The ECU controls the engine, transmission, and ABS systems of your car. If it malfunctions, you’ll see warning lights and your car will perform poorly (if it starts at all).
  • Your wiring is bad. Wiring issues are serious because if ignored, they can start an electrical system fire. Wiring issues cause short circuits that can damage your entire electrical system. If you suspect faulty wiring, get to an experienced electrical auto mechanic right away.

Electrical auto mechanic near me

Electrical component repairs can range between a few hundred dollars for a new battery to thousands of dollars for a complete rewiring of the electrical system. If you suspect electrical problems with your vehicle, choose a mechanic in Albuquerque that has the skills and the reputation to fix the problem right the first time.

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