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Check Engine Light Albuquerque

Modern vehicles have all sorts of sensors designed to keep them running at peak performance. Drivers get notification when they might need an oil change, or when their tire pressure might be a bit low. Vehicles owners find these notifications helpful with one exception – the check engine light. Fewer things can cause anxiety behind the wheel than seeing this indicator light up while you’re driving.

Thoughts can immediately turn to whether it’s safe to keep driving or if you should call for a tow. Sometimes sensors malfunction, so drivers might convince themselves that’s the case for their check engine light suddenly appearing and ignore it.

Don’t risk ruining your engine (it’s a costly mistake). Give us a call at Rio Grande Auto the next time your check engine light comes on for a comprehensive inspection.

Reasons why your check engine light comes on

It can be easy to go into full-on panic mode when your vehicle’s check engine light comes on. Sometimes the answer is simple. Here are some of the most common reasons why that little dreadful light might appear.

Your gas cap is loose. This is shockingly one of the most common reasons for a check engine light to activate. Loose, cracked, and otherwise damaged gas caps leak gasoline vapors, which can trigger your emissions sensors.

Your Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor is bad. A vehicle’s MAF sensor detects air flow into the air intake and then decides how much needs to be mixed with gas to help your engine run properly. If the sensor goes bad, it’ll affect fuel efficiency and cause your check engine light to come on.

Your exhaust is leaking. Oxygen sensors monitor exhaust fumes and emissions. When sensors can’t get accurate readings (or they malfunction), the check engine light comes on to warn you about the issue.

Your catalytic converter is faulty. Turning hazardous engine exhaust fumes into less harmful emissions is the main job of your vehicle’s catalytic converter. When it acts up, it can trigger the check engine light.

Schedule check engine light service today

Unfortunately, your check engine light isn’t a roadmap to what’s causing it to activate. It simply warns you that you should probably consult with a check engine light repair shop near you to find out what – if anything – is malfunctioning.
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