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Fleet Drive Train Repairs Albuquerque

Engines are one of the most important components in any vehicle. However, it can’t do much without the support of every part of the drivetrain. At Rio Grande Automobile, our fleet services include drive train maintenance and repairs. Our service technicians can thoroughly inspect all elements of your fleet’s drivetrain and address any safety or operational issues.

Axle maintenance and repairs

Axles are an important part of your fleet vehicle’s drivetrain. They’re right up there with brakes and tires when it comes to protecting the safety of any drivers operating your fleet vehicles. Axels bear all the weight of your fleet vehicle. They connect its wheels and help drivers maintain control of the fleet vehicle.

Warning signs of failing axles

Less smooth than usual turns can be the first warning sign that your fleet vehicle’s axle needs repairs or replacement. Another tell-tale signal is difficulty stopping the car. Some people might mistake that for a problem with the brakes, but since your axle controls your wheels, it could be a sign of bigger problems.

CV joint maintenance and repairs

CV joints are an important part of your fleet vehicle’s axle. The CV joint boot is a flexible cover that protects the CV joint. If it becomes damaged, brake fluid can leak out. Continuing to drive a fleet vehicle with CV joint damage can increase the risk of your fleet drivers getting into an accident.

When identified early, CV boot replacement can save you money on fleet maintenance and repair services. If you wait until the boot has degraded, the CV joint can become compromised, leading to more costly CV joint replacement.

Differential maintenance and repairs

The differential in your fleet vehicles has one purpose: to distribute power between the left and right wheels. Without a functioning differential, your fleet vehicle’s wheels can spin and lose traction, especially during turns.

One of the first warning signs of a bad differential (front or rear) is a whining noise. If caught early, it might be corrected with proper lubrication. Your fleet vehicle’s tires also might show signs of excessive wear and tear. Other symptoms include:

  • Gear grinding.
  • Poor handling.
  • Vibrations.

If your fleet drivers notice any of these signs, give Rio Grande Automobile a call to schedule a thorough inspection of your drivetrain to identify the root cause.

Driveshaft maintenance and repairs

The driveshaft is an essential component of your fleet vehicle’s drivetrain. It uses torque provided by the engine to turn your fleet vehicle’s wheels. When it stops working properly, it can cause a lot of problems. One of the most serious issues is your fleet vehicle operator can lose control while driving.

Warning signs of a bad driveshaft

It can be difficult to tell whether the driveshaft is broken by a visual inspection only. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to these warning signs:

Clunking noises that can sometimes sound like knocking coming from underneath the fleet vehicle. It can signal a worn U-joint.

Shuddering during acceleration can point to loosened U-joints or bad center bearings.

Intense vibrating from underneath the fleet vehicle can be one of the first indications of driveshaft problems. It can happen when the driveshaft bushings or U-joint are worn.

If your fleet vehicles are having any of these issues, give us a call today for a thorough inspection of your driveshaft. Our technicians can spot problems and make recommendations for repairs.

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