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Radiator Repair Albuquerque

Rio Grande Auto is a full-service radiator repair shop. We serve domestic and foreign vehicles for all their radiator repair needs. You’ll get a top-notch diagnosis and automotive repair services from our well-equipped team.

We can rebuild, repair, or replace your vehicle’s radiator depending on its condition. We use only the best components during servicing. When you choose us for your radiator repair needs in Albuquerque, we rebuild, re-core, flush, and repair or replace your radiator before conducting an official inspection of our work to ensure your problem is solved.

Signs your radiator needs repair

It can be easy to ignore your radiator until you find yourself stranded alongside the roadway with an overheated engine.

Some tell-tale signs your radiator is crying out for help include:

Your vehicle has a coolant leak

If you start noticing a bright green (or sometimes yellowish or pinkish) fluid under your car, you probably have a coolant leak. Without adequate coolant levels, your car can overheat during the hot months or freeze up when it’s cold.

Your vehicle keeps overheating

One of the most obvious signs of radiator trouble is your car overheats. When this happens, you might see steam billowing out from under the hood.

Your temperature gauge is in the red

Every vehicle has a temperature gauge to protect the engine. If yours constantly points to the red zone, there’s likely some sort of issue with the radiator. Don’t wait until it overheats before scheduling a service appointment.

Affordable radiator repair in Albuquerque

If you run into overheating issues or any of the other symptoms that point to radiator trouble, give us a call to schedule a diagnostic appointment. We can uncover the underlying issue and make recommendations for repairs.
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