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Fuel Injectors

The quickest way to get nowhere in your automobile is to forget to put fuel in your tank. Even with a full tank of gas, you can find yourself at a stand-still if your fuel injection system malfunctions. Choosing a fuel injection service in Albuquerque that can make sure this never happens is just as important as putting the right kind of gas in your vehicle.

Fuel injector maintenance

Fuel injectors are expensive. It’s best to avoid fuel injector replacement, if possible, by performing regular fuel injector maintenance. When you bring your vehicle to the skilled technicians at Rio Grande Auto, we can recommend whether you need any of the following typical fuel injection maintenance services:

Fuel injector cleaning removes the grime your fuel injectors can accumulate during normal operation. Clean fuel injectors help your engine run at peak performance, so it’s worth asking about this vehicle repair service while visiting our Albuquerque shop.

Fuel additives can clean out any deposits forming on your fuel injectors. We never recommend doing this without the guidance of a skilled automotive technician. There are more than a few bad fuel additive products on the market that can damage your vehicle. If this is a route you want to take, give us a call to discuss your options.

High-quality gasoline goes a long way in protecting your vehicle’s fuel injection system. We recommend using higher octane fuels to prevent buildup in the combustion chamber. Always use the highest-octane fuel your vehicle manufacturing suggests.

Signs your fuel injectors need cleaning

Unfortunately, unlike with other routine maintenance issues, there aren’t many clear warning signs your fuel injection system needs attention. Some of the issues you may notice can include:

Misfiring cylinders can sometimes trigger your vehicle’s “check engine” light. Never ignore this warning sign, because it means your engine is working overtime, which can cause costly damage to your motor.

Poor fuel efficiency happens because a misfiring engine wastes fuel with every revolution. If your gas mileage seems to be suffering, your fuel injectors could be to blame.

Don’t wait if you suspect your vehicle has fuel injection system issues. Give us a call today to schedule a maintenance or repair visit.

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