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Fuel Filter Replacement

You can do more to protect your engine than get regular oil changes. Fuel filter replacement is equally important for all Albuquerque vehicles because of our unique climate. The hotter weather causes gasoline to combust, which means your engine can lose up to 72% of its total power.

Fuel filters protect your engine from the contaminants and other impurities that make their way into our gas supply. Another reason to get regular fuel filter replacements in Albuquerque is to prevent the rust that can build up in your gas tank from reaching the engine.

Signs your fuel filter needs changing

Knowing when to replace the fuel filter in your vehicle can be tricky. Some signs indicate it’s time to request this maintenance item from the technicians at Rio Grande Auto. They include:

Your car won’t start (or has difficulty starting). If your fuel filter is partially or completely blocked, it keeps gasoline from reaching your engine.

Your car shuts off while driving. It can be scary to have your car shut off while you’re traveling on the interstate in Albuquerque. That’s exactly what can happen if your fuel filter becomes clogged.

Your car struggles for power at low speeds. If your vehicle seems to operate normally when driving at highway speeds, only to struggle at lower speeds, it can be a warning sign your fuel filter needs replacing.

Your automobile misfires or idles roughly. When your engine doesn’t get enough fuel, it can’t operate at peak efficiency.

How often to replace your fuel filter

There is no magic formula for how often you must replace your fuel filter in Albuquerque. It depends on several factors, including how many miles you drive each week. Most auto manufacturers recommend getting a fuel filter replacement between every 20,000 miles for the best results.

Our team of top-notch technicians can alert you when your vehicle needs a fuel filter replacement. Not sure how long it’s been since your last one? Schedule a check-up with us and we can investigate and make a recommendation.

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