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Fleet Lube and Oil Change

Oil changes are one of the most important components of maintaining your fleet vehicles. Dirty engine oil eventually turns to sludge, which can ruin your fleet vehicle’s engine.

Getting an oil change for your fleet vehicles in Albuquerque doesn’t need to be time-consuming or difficult when you choose Rio Grande Auto. We change your fleet vehicle’s oil and filter and keep an eye out for any warning signs the engine needs additional servicing.

Benefits of regular oil changes

Most fleet vehicles get a lot of wear and tear, especially those used for police forces and postal services. One of the best ways to ensure these fleet vehicles stay in tip-top shape is to get regular oil changes.

Prioritizing oil changes prolongs the life of your fleet vehicle’s motor. Replacing a motor is expensive, so it’s better to take care of yours before you find yourself needing a new one.

Other benefits include:

Your fleet vehicle’s engine runs more efficiently on clean oil.

Your fleet vehicle’s engine gets better gas mileage on clean oil.
Your fleet vehicle’s engine creates less pollution on clean oil.
Your fleet vehicle’s engine components stay cooler on clean oil, reducing friction.
Give us a call today to get all the vehicles in your fleet on a regular oil change schedule with Rio Grande Automotive.
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