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Fleet brakes maintenance and repair Albuquerque

Safety is our number one priority at Rio Grande Automobile. We prioritize fleet brake maintenance and repair services for our customers to ensure their protection every time they get behind the wheel of their fleet vehicles. Our well-trained fleet technicians can handle any type of brake issue.

Contact us today to schedule your fleet brake maintenance and repair needs for all your Albuquerque fleet vehicles.

Fleet air brake repair and service

Air brakes, also known as compressed air brake systems, help heavy-duty fleet trucks stop quickly and safely. The braking system works by applying pressure to brake pads using compressed air. Compressed braking systems are an effective alternative to hydraulic brakes. They’re commonly used in buses, trains, and trucks.

Compressed air braking systems require frequent maintenance. When you entrust your fleet to us for all your air brake maintenance needs, we always check for the following warning signs during routine inspections:

Accelerated wear and tear, or any dirt or debris between the braking surface and lining.

Broken or missing parts in slack adjusters.
Cracked or broken lining blocks, uneven wear on axles, scoring, or drums that are out of round.
Fractures and leaks.
Improper positioning of the push rods and slack adjusters.
Leaks in the parking brake.
Valve failure in primary or secondary circuits.
Weak or broken springs in the push rod actuation in the brake chambers.
If we notice any issues that require immediate or future repairs, one of our service technicians can discuss your options.

Fleet brake maintenance and repair

Regular maintenance of your fleet’s braking system is the most effective way to catch problems early and prevent expensive repairs. When your fleet’s brakes are faulty, you put your employees and other drivers on the roadways at increased risk.

Rio Grande Automobile offers fleet customers regular brake inspections and maintenance services that include:

  • Adjusting, cleaning, and lubricating braking mechanisms.
  • Flushing and replacing old brake fluid.
  • Replacing brake pads.
  • Resurfacing or replacing rotors.

Warning signs of brake failure

As with any automobile, fleet vehicles give plenty of warning signs their brakes aren’t in tip-top condition and should be inspected immediately by a Rio Grande Automobile fleet service technician. Some tell-tale symptoms of bad brakes include:

  • Grinding noises (from worn brake pads).
  • Leaking brake fluid.
  • Squealing sounds during braking (indicates brake pad issue).
  • Veering off to one side when brakes are engaged.
  • Vibrating (from warped rotors).

Businesses and government agencies providing fleet vehicles to employees can’t always count on the drivers alerting them to a problem. That’s why regular inspections of your fleet vehicles’ braking systems are important. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

Fleet hydraulic brake maintenance and repair

Hydraulic braking systems use brake fluid to transfer pressure to the brake pads, forcing your fleet vehicle to a stop. Fleets that include passenger vehicles need regular inspection and maintenance of hydraulic brake systems to ensure the safety of their operators and other drivers and passengers on the roadways. When your fleet vehicles’ brakes fail, your business can be liable for any injuries caused. Our service technicians can inspect your fleet’s hydraulic braking system components to ensure they’re in working order. During one of our maintenance appointments, we thoroughly examine:

  • Brake pads.
  • Brake pedals.
  • Cylinder chambers.
  • Push rods.

If we find any areas of concern, our technicians can provide repair or replacement options.

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